Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines Sternguard Vets Squad 66

65 Days Music, Opera and Dance on Big Screen

Current Top Productions and classics of music, opera and dance will be shown again from 29.6 to 1.9.2019 in front of the impressive backdrop of the Vienna City hall.

TODAY 21:15

Nena: Nichts Versäumt

With 25 million records sold worldwide, Nena is one of the most successful German artists of all time and an international pop phenomenon. Her energetic stage presence is just as unique and...

Th. 11.07. 21:15 h

Warhammer 40k space marine dreadnoughts x3

Multiple Grammy Award winner Norah Jones plays an exclusive sold-out show at the world-famous...

Iron Hands Tactical Squad Pro Painted Fr. 12.07. 21:15 h
BloodBowl 5th Edition Griff Oberwald XXVII Blood Bowl Games Workshop

Death Guard Deathshroud Bodyguard 40k Games Workshop 20% off UK rrp

"Being Kristina" is a visual dance explosion with classical ingredients and a modern...

Fr. 12.07. 22:00 h

Warhammer Seraphon Saurus Guard 88-12

The Wild West meets Italy. Fearless New York gangsters meet cowboys from the dusty prairie....

Sa. 13.07. 21:15 h


The little guy with his mustache, his bowler hat and his bamboo cane is world-famous. But, who...

Su. 14.07. 21:15 h

Omar Sosa Quarteto AfroCubano

Omar Sosa stands out as both the great reformer of contemporary Afro-Caribbean music and one of...

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